Work with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and growth marketers to turn your Seed or Series A startup into a “growth machine.”

Skip the Guesswork

Join our remote 12-week startup accelerator program where you’ll work side-by-side with successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and marketers. (We’ve done this before, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel)

  1. First, we’ll help you zoom out and figure out where to focus for maximum impact, because in a startup, everything feels like a priority, and we sometimes overcomplicate things.
  2. Second, we’ll help you find your “north star metric” and your “rate limiting step” to align your teams (across org silos) on the most impactful work to drive growth.
  3. Finally, you’ll progress faster with a lean process of rapid experimentation. (The same process that’s taught at Y-Combinator and Reforge and used at PayPal, AirBnB, and Facebook.)
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They saved us months of focusing on the wrong areas and gave us the tools to tackle the right ones in earnest. I only regret we didn’t do this 12 months ago!”
– Rob O’Donovan, Co-Founder, Charlie HR


Through 25+ hours of workshops (for up to 6 members of your team) we work together to create your “growth playbook.” (That’s your actual book, plus a process and mindset that stay with your company after the program ends). Your playbook includes:

  • A North Star metric and a dashboard of 3 – 5 behavioural metrics that drive it
  • Documented insights into your customers’ sub-conscious biases, triggers, and beliefs
  • Messaging that’s proven to convert
  • Your best scalable channels
  • A prioritised experiment backlog
  • Specific (candid) insights & feedback about your approach, business and team

By the end of this program, you will be running the same growth process that the best Silicon Valley companies use today. Our goal is for you to create a culture where you grow faster and more efficiently.


Seed & Series A startups (or bootstrapped equivalents) who have a good product, but struggle to get predictable, scalable profitable growth. It’s ideal for mobile apps, SAAS, marketplaces & ecommerce. (We’ll have separate tracks for B2B vs B2C). In addition to a good functioning product, you’ll need both founder(s) and employees who can dedicate time to focus on growth.


We combine the best bits of private consulting (1:1 time with experienced operator/coaches) plus the benefits of an accelerator (great structured content, outside experts, network of founder peers, accountability framework). We’ll work side-by-side and focus on execution (not watching videos).

A typical week starts with a Zoom workshop (presentation + discussion) where we’ll introduce a concept and give you an exercise to apply it to your business. Later in the week, you’ll have a 1:1 session with your coach, plus optional “deep dives” on various tactical areas, and help designing growth experiments and interpreting the results.

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Is It Worth It?

Here are some of the 12-month growth numbers from companies who did this program with us as part of 500 Startups Accelerator.

























What will my team think of this?

Definitely the most valuable month of my career to date.

Curran Dye,
Head of Marketing, Feast-It
mark tenhagen

I’m easily 4x better at my job now than I was 6 weeks ago.

Mark Tenhagen
Head of Growth, HonestBrew

It feels like I’ve fast-forwarded 5 years of experience in just 10 weeks.

Rosie Hoggmascall,
Head of Growth, Ferly

Our coaches have relevant hands-on experience with hundreds of companies as founders, employees and advisors, so they can help you think through important issues, plus keep you accountable to the pace.

“Mentors actually know their shit and roll-up-the-sleeves to get dirty, unlike the thousands of fake advisors & consultants out there.”Jack Huang, Founder, Truly

Silicon Valley veteran, 2 exits
Partner @ 500 Startups VC
Early growth team at PayPal
Lectures at Stanford Business School
Coached over 100 startups

Lenny Picardo
(B2C, Marketplaces)

First Head of Growth @ Deliveroo
Investor/Advisor to Huel & Trouva
Ex Index Ventures


Managing Partner, Startup Core Strengths
Former EIR @ Citi Ventures
Former EIR @ 500 Startups
20 years SEO and inbound
Worked with over 50 companies

Hannah Parvaz
(B2C, Mobile)

Head of Growth @ Curio
App Marketer of the Year
#1 Rated on GrowthMentor

Danny Leonard (SaLES)

Silicon Valley sales leader with 5 exits including Square, Groupon, Storefront, Thanx, OrderAhead

Martin Adams (B2B, B2C)

Founder & CEO of where he’s worked with dozens of big brands to optimize their marketing.
Founded the Social Media unit @ UCL

How much does it cost?

Growing a startup is not cheap – your team could spend 30,000 hours and $1M-$2M to get to Series A, when you add in Facebook ads, SEO, recruiters, staffing, designers, agencies, consultants and marketing software. (Marketing gets expensive fast!) And how confident are you that those things will work?

Our program costs £12,000 per team, which includes full participation for up to 6 employees, plus your entire team, including future hires can access all the recordings and course materials for 12 months. Full participation includes live sessions, mentoring calls with our coaches plus outside experts to support you in applying these lessons to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions
What about my competitors?

Our discussions must be 100% candid. Therefore we cannot allow competing companies under any circumstances. We’ll manage this through the application process.

What are the selection criteria?

We want this program to have a huge impact on your business. So we’re looking for companies that will have the greatest benefit from our program. That means you need a good functioning product, a talented team, enough resources to try stuff, and most of all, a genuine desire to commit to the process, reflect and try new things.

How many slots are available?

Only 30 companies, so that each one can get direct personal attention.

Who from my team should attend?

Up to 6 people, should include founders, recommend also your head of growth and/or product (if you have them) and analytics. We can work with you on this list during our intake session. (While your extended team cannot participate live, they can access the recordings and course materials).

Are you taking equity?

Not at this time.

Will we actually be working directly with the coaches?


Are the lessons live or pre-recorded video?  Can we ask questions on the call?

All 100% live so you can question, debate and discuss with the instructors and other participants, and  follow-up during office hours.

Will the sessions be recorded if I cannot attend?

Yes, participants will have access to the recordings for one year from the program start date.

Do you work 1:1 with companies outside this program?

That’s how we started out. But we found that the structured program is much more impactful. We can actually spend a lot more time together (lessons + 1:1 coaching sessions), bring in more outside specialists, and the teams also help and encourage each other.

How Advanced is the Material? Okay for non-marketers? Experienced marketers?

The material is intellectually demanding, but does not require marketing experience. It is first principles learning, so it will require a lot of thought and operational discipline. But we will present the content in a way that’s accessible to people with zero marketing background and engaging for experienced marketers alike.

Any Other Mentors?

Occasionally we bring in additional outside instructors to “go deep” on a particular topic. In the past, we’ve been fortunate to run sessions with Sean Ellis, Andy Johns  and Gagan Biyani (founder of Udemy). No promises, but we’re always trying to bring in the best minds we can find!

Is this like Reforge?

Reforge is an excellent online learning program for experienced/elite level marketers working at late-stage startups and corporates. We’re focusing on earlier stage companies, and welcoming people who have no marketing experience whatsoever. And, rather than individual training, we’re focusing on your whole growth leadership team, since growth really is a team sport!

“They helped us shift our employees mindsets from perfectionism into a more entrepreneurial / hacky approach, so everyone behaves much more like founders. In an 8 person team that is priceless!”

Billie Quinlan
Co-Founder, Ferly

“A transformational 10-week Growth coaching programme. I expect it will turn out to be the highest- yielding investment we ever make in the team & business.”

Guy Westlake,
Co-Founder, Lavanda

“If your startup already has momentum, Matt’s program has the potential to boost it by an order of magnitude.”

Liam Houghton,
Founder & CEO, Popsa
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