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Gagan Biyani (Founded Udemy, head of growth @ Lyft) and I (PayPal, 500 Startups) are running a 10-week live online growth program for Europe’s 10 most promising startups (Series A & B, Post product-market fit.) We’ll focus on customer acquisition, hiring & managing, brand building and rapid experimentation. You will work 1:1 with Gagan and Matt, and learn to transform your company culture so it is more geared to grow, and fast.

Open to companies based anywhere in Europe. Includes weekly live Zoom calls, 1:1 time with Gagan and Matt, and a private Slack group, plus all materials and recordings for one year.

Gagan Biyani and Matt Lerner
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Each week we’ll have a 2-hour Zoom call on Tuesday afternoon, live lecture + discussion, where we’ll introduce a concept, and homework will be to apply that lesson to your business. In between we’ll gather on a private Slack group where you can chat with each-other and the instructors  to  discuss learnings, results, and all manner of questions.

What You Get

Fundamentally, you learn how install a metrics-driven culture of rapid experimentation into your company, with a load of novel high-potential growth experiments to test. But you also get concrete outcomes and deliverables every week:

  • A North Star metric and a dashboard of 3 – 5 behavioral metrics that drive it
  • A cross-functional growth squad running weekly sprints
  • A prioritised experiment backlog
  • Ideas and examples from the greatest startups of all time 
  • Specific (candid) insights & feedback about your approach, business and team

By the end of this program, you should have the foundation that the best Silicon Valley companies today uses at the core of their growth engines. Our goal is for you to create a culture where you grow faster and more efficiently.

  1. Week 1: Private Diagnostic Sessions – No lecture. We’ll conduct a private kickoff session with each company to make sure we understand your business, metrics, team and customers. Then we’ll cover the program goals, process, expectations.
  2. Week 2: Metrics – Deep dive on behavioral metrics, and identifying and tracking yours. Define the North Star Metric, key drivers, process of creating a metrics-driven culture.
  3. Week 3: Customers & User Psychology – Getting in customers heads to find the bespoke channels, loops and messages that will resonate.
  4. Week 4: Brand Building – Creating a unified message and voice without wasting money on consultants or media.
  5. Week 5: Growth Process & Leadership – Creating a metrics-driven culture of ownership & accountability, rapid experimentation. Team structures, roles, running & managing the growth process, common mistakes.
  6. Week 6: Traffic – Finding multiple scalable channels with great unit economics. (Breaking addiction to Facebook/Adwords “crack.”)
  7. Week 7: Conversion Funnel optimisation from visit through referral.
  8. Week 8: Activation & Retention – (If you think those are two different things, you need to listen to us).
  9. Week 9: Management & Leadership – Finding, hiring and managing great operators across growth functions (e.g. product,  marketing, analytics, UX)
  10. Week 10: Conclusion & Next Steps General Q&A, check-ins, conclusion & next steps
About Gagan

Gagan Biyani co-founded Udemy, a Silicon Valley-based online education company worth well over $1B. He also started the Growth Hackers Conference, and worked as interim head of growth at Lyft when it was less than 30 people. (Now a $14B public company.) Perhaps most importantly, Gagan had a massive failure: He founded Sprig, a food delivery startup that raised $60M from Greylock, Social Capital and Accel. At its peak, Sprig had 1,300 employees and was one of the fastest growing companies in San Francisco. However, like many startups, they collapsed. Over a period of 1.5 years, Gagan oversaw round after round of layoffs. So he understands success and failure, plus the learning, fear and self-doubt that come with them. 

About Matt

Matt Lerner was an early B2B marketer at PayPal, and helped drive their SMB acquisition from 2004 – 2015. After that, he became the London-based Partner at US-based seed fund 500 Startups, and  led 35 seed-stage investments. With 500, he developed and led the “Distro Dojo” growth accelerator, which helped 35 startups achieve average YoY growth of 250%. Matt occasionally lectures on Startup Marketing at Imperial College and Stanford Business School.


This is the first time we’re doing this program. We have taught growth many many times before, but never in this format. So, there will be bumps. This is a beta. But we’ll price it accordingly (e.g. we are not taking equity) and make up for it by being extremely responsive and attentive as we learn alongside you.

Frequently Asked Questions
What about my competitors?

Our discussions must be 100% candid. Therefore we cannot allow competing companies under any circumstances. We’ll manage this through the application process.

What Business models? Stage?
  • Business Models = wide open  (B2B, B2C, apps, SAAS, marketplaces, even payments 😈). It needs to be a proper startup (e.g. potential to scale huge  fast).

  • Stage = You must have product-market fit, with sufficient resources (cash and team)  to scale, but early enough to transform yourself quickly (This means probably between Series A and B).

How Many Slots Are Available?

We’re capping this first “batch” at 10 companies, so that each company can get direct personal attention.

What are the selection criteria?

We want this program to be a smashing success. So we’re looking for companies that will have the greatest benefit from our program. So our selection process looks a lot like a VC’s: Amazing team focused on learning and growth, big market opportunity, great product, strong product-market fit evidenced by outstanding traction. Keep in mind that the best growth marketers go to the best companies: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PayPal, Uber.

Who from my team should attend?

Up to 5 people, must include founders, recommend also your head of growth and/or product (if you have them) and analytics. We can work with you on this list during our intro session.

How much does it cost?

We haven’t decided exactly, but we understand you’re startups, and are confident it will be affordable relative to the potential business impact.

Are you taking equity?

Not in this first program. 

Is this a one-time thing, or will it happen again?

We’ll see how this one goes, it’s an experiment on many levels. Only committing to do this one at the moment.

Will we actually be working directly with Matt and Gagan?


Are the lessons live or pre-recorded video?  Can we ask questions on the call?

All 100% live so you can question, debate and discuss with the instructors and other participants.

Will the sessions be recorded if I cannot attend?

Yes, participants will have access to the recordings for at-least one year.

How Advanced is the Material? Okay for non-marketers? Experienced marketers?

The material is at once quite advanced, but  also perfect for “beginners” (inexperienced with marketing). It is first principles learning: the level of intellectual rigor and operational discipline are quite high. But we will present the content in a way that’s accessible to people with zero marketing background and engaging for experienced marketers alike.

Any Other Mentors?

Here’s the thing… We are connected to literally the best Growth Marketers in history – Sean Ellis, Chamath Palihapitiya, Andrew Chen, Andy Johns. We could ask them each to do a session, put their names on the landing page as “instructors” and charge a lot of money for this course. But the truth is, they’d just be giving you their usual canned generic content, which you can already find on YouTube or Udemy. You’d listen and feel clever.  But it would not transform your company, since it’s not relevant and specific. That’s, frankly, deceptive marketing. Instead, we want to work directly with you over ten weeks to transform your company and create a metrics-driven culture of rapid experimentation.

Is this like Reforge?

Reforge is an excellent online learning program for experienced/elite level marketers working at late-stage startups and corporates. We’re focusing on earlier stage companies, and welcoming people who have no marketing experience whatsoever. And, rather than individual training, we’re focusing on your whole growth leadership team, since growth really is a team sport!

Applications are now closed.

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