As a marketer, I always struggled to find experiments that have a big impact fast with very little budget and almost no development resources. Sound familiar?

Amazingly, as I looked into it, almost every successful startup of the past 20 years could credit user psychology for its success. (Especially for B2B.)  They saw massive impacts from simple changes.

Great books!  But, it’s not a “theory” workshop. You’ll get practical (proven) examples of how psychology impacts each stage of the customer journey:

Win trust faster
Create urgency to boost conversion
Optimise pricing optics
Build trigger loops to drive retention & referrals

We’ll go through practical examples of how psychology impacts each stage of the customer journey:

  1. Win trust faster without expensive “brand” spending
  2. Boost conversion by increasing motivation & perceived urgency
  3. Build referral loops to drive network-effects growth
  4. Use anchoring to increase the perception of value and defend your price
  5. Leverage “free” to drive growth without giving away all the value
  6. The “Hooked” model of trigger loops to turn your products into habits

Each topic will give you a set of simple exercises to apply to your business right away. In fact, you will literally walk out of the room with 5 – 10 ideas you can use immediately. You’ll get simple, lightweight exercises. Stuff that won’t require buy-in, tech resources, etc. to prove the impact with quick wins. Those wins will help you get people’s attention and the resources you need to scale up (aka, will make your job fun).


The great thing about user psychology is that it’s simple to execute, so  you can have a big impact without engineering resources or big budgets. We’ll cover examples from all types and stages of company, including B2B, B2C, SAAS, eCommerce, enterprise, apps, marketplaces and subscriptions.

Some companies send only one employee, others send a small team who collaborate. (We offer volume discounts and we’ll make sure there are no competitors in the room). Normally companies send marketers, product people, designers, writers, engineers and founders. (So basically everyone except the CFO).

Cost, Location & Dates

Introductory Offer £499 per person (Reg. £799). You can pay by card or request an invoice. All workshops are in Central London, and run from 9AM – 5PM.


Of course. If you don’t get a long list of ideas that could have a big impact (e.g. 10X the  cost of the course), just say so (within 7 days) and you’ll get a full refund. (As a former seed-stage VC, I understand startups are on tight budgets. My goal is to make these sessions insanely valuable).


Most companies, even startups, offer an annual “training budget” for each employee, usually in the range of 2% – 4% of your annual salary. So check with your manager. To make this easy, we can send a VAT invoice to your company and they can pay via bank transfer. Just select that payment option when you register below.

matt lerner startup core strengths psychology workshop

Hi, I’m Matt Lerner. Before becoming a VC, I spent 15 years as a “growth marketer” in Silicon Valley,  including 10 years at PayPal. As a Partner at 500 Startups, I led 35 early-stage venture investments in Europe. Additionally, at 500, I developed and led the “Distro Dojo” growth program, where I helped startups achieve average growth of 250% in 12 months (using the same techniques I’ll teach you in this workshop).

I occasionally lecture on Startup Marketing at Imperial College and Stanford Business School. Also, I am obsessed with optimizing my own health, “biohacking,” fasting and measuring anything that isn’t nailed down. We can talk about all that after the workshop…


We’ve worked with dozens of companies, ranging from two founders and a prototype, up to large corporates. It’s not about where you are today – it’s about where you want to be tomorrow.


We’ve worked with marketers fresh out of school and those doing it for 10 years — all experience levels walk out with a lot more than they came in with. That being said, we see more impact for marketers who are open-minded and curious, not set in the slow, expensive marketing ways. If you are curious, motivated and ready to make quick changes, this is a great place to start.

Customer Feedback

We’ve not run this particular workshop before (hence the huge discount). So here is feedback from participants in our previous programs, which included psychology, conversion optimisation, engagement and pricing among other content:

I have had the privilege of working with Matt as our first investor @StoreMaven. He is one of the brightest investors I ever worked with and has the sharpest eye I’ve seen for Online Marketing.”
– Gad Maor, Founder & CEO, Storemaven

It’s what business schools should teach you.”
-Luc Dudler, Founder & CEO, JobPal

For me, the program was like a second Oxford education.”
-Omid Pakseresht, Head of Marketing, Tramonex

Only 15 Spaces Available Per Session

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Introductory offer £499 (Regularly £799)


The tactics in this course are powerful, and we want them to be used for good. We therefore reserve the right to refuse participation at our discretion, including if we believe that your conduct violates applicable law or is harmful in any way. As a rule, we do not work with businesses in the tobacco, weapons or gambling industries, purveyors of illegal drugs, stolen goods, items that infringe on trademarks, businesses that exploit people, products or services where prevailing medical evidence indicates they are harmful or unhealthy, or products or services identified by government agencies to have a high likelihood of being fraudulent.


If you cannot attend, let us know right away. You can request either a full refund or date change if you  notify us at-least 7 days prior to the start of the event. Within 7 days of the event start, purchases are not refundable, though you can transfer your ticket to another attendee if you notify us by email 24 hrs in advance. You can also change your participation date up to 24 hours prior to the start of the workshop, but a £200 non-refundable change fee will apply. No refunds, cancellations or changed in the last 24 hours.
If you attend the program and you are not completely satisfied, please contact us via email within 24 hours of completing the course, and we will offer you a full  refund, no questions asked.