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Five Core Strengths of Startup Growth

In any sport – cycling, climbing or football – without a strong core (back, hips, abs), your performance will suffer. Likewise, as a CEO, it doesn’t matter what kind of marketing you want to do – Facebook, SEM, PR or outbound – you will struggle to scale acquisition on tactics alone, without a strong core. (8 min’s).

The Most Important Marketing Strategy Decision Every CEO Must Make

You can spend £10,000 hiring a head of growth. Spend five minutes figuring out how to help them be successful. (5 min’s).

Why You Should Not Hire a T-Shaped Marketer

If you’re a marketing recruiter in 2018, “T-shape” is the brief. That illusive combo: Broad “base knowledge” plus deep tactical experience. Why are those expensive hires so hit-or-miss? (6 min’s)

Marketing Job Descriptions: 8 Traits for the Perfect Growth Hire

Many of my best growth hires had zero marketing experience. Through years of trial-and-error as a Marketer and a VC, I’ve found these eight traits tell me who to back. (8 min’s)

Fundraising KPIs for a European Series A

There’s an oft-repeated myth that $100K monthly revenue = Series A. Of course investors are not that simple. We’ll look at 8 factors that really matter, plus how to use investor psychology to your advantage. (6 min’s)

Startup Marketing: The One Inch Punch

Bruce Lee weighed 58kg (128 lbs) and his “one inch punch” could knock a man flat. What can the Little Dragon teach us about startup marketing? (3 min’s)

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