The market is shifting fast. Many startups are seeing their customers, prospects (and their cash) go out the window. A lucky few are seeing huge growth, but will it last? One thing is certain…

The winners will be the ones who understand their markets and adapt now. And that means digging into product/market fit again. Join us for this Free Workshop: Finding Product/Market Fit in a Post-COVID World.


I’ll distill the best thinking from Y-Combinator, Sean Ellis, Rahul Vohra (that amazing Superhuman blog post), Brian Balfour’s four fits framework, plus other bits and bobs I’ve picked up over the years. I’ve taken the key points and combined them into a simple actionable framework. We’ll apply it to your business.


Startup founders, marketers & product managers who suddenly need to make huge business decisions as customer priorities shift under their feet, and don’t have time to re-read all those great books and blog posts.

  • Metrics: To evaluate & track your fit strength
  • Honest challenges: To help you zoom out and choose the right focus area
  • Actions: Your next best move to validate key assumptions and deepen your fit
  • Pitfalls: 5 common mistakes that lead companies off this track
What if I can’t make that time slot?

No worries: If you register, I’ll email you a link after the event to a replay video + the slides. But, obviously, you won’t be able to ask questions live on the call.

Any Pre-work required?

Prior to the workshop, I’ll send around some optional pre-reading. The main thing, however, is to bring a pen, a sheet of paper (yes, actual physical paper), and an open mind.

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This workshop is concluded.

Matt Lerner Startup Core Strengths
Who’s Presenting?

In-case we’ve not had the pleasure… Matt Lerner here, I’ve helped over 100 startups figure out how to grow. I started my career in Silicon Valley: 4 startups (2 losers, 2 winners, including PayPal). Next I was the UK partner with Silicon Valley VC fund 500 Startups, where I got to “go deep” to help dozens of European startups grow (250% YoY on average). Now I run Startup Core Strengths, a virtual accelerator for Seed & Series A companies.

My “co-star” will be the notorious Nopadon Wongpakdee. After years as one of  Europe’s SEO and inbound gurus, he has a knack for helping companies ‘see through the eyes of their prospects’ to find product/market fit. Previously, he was an instructor in the 500 Startups Distro Dojo, and works as an EIR with Citi Ventures. That’s given him the chance to work with over 50 companies.

Product/Market Fit in a post COVID world

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