4 Hours

Which 10% of experiments will drive 90% of your growth? What part of your funnel is leaking money and users? We’ll help you identify the non-obvious keys to unlock your next phase of customer acquisition.

The 500 team know growth like the back of their hands and have an uncanny ability to identify growth opportunities in any startup.
– Paul Young, Co-Founder, Settled

The next course is Wednesday 17 October, and is limited to 8 slots.

You will not be charged unless you are accepted and agree to attend

What does Quick Wins cover?
1. Core metrics

We look at your core business metrics against benchmarks we’ve compiled from advising hundreds of startups around the world.

This section covers: north star metric, core unit economics, analytics & tracking

2. Behavioural metrics

Behavioural metrics describe how customers are interacting with your acquisition funnel and with your product itself. We help you identify which behavioural metrics are actionable and meaningful for your business.

This section covers: behavioural measurement and analysis, customer journey mapping

3. User psychology

If behavioural metrics are the What that describes your customers actions, user psychology reveals the Why behind those actions. We map your users’ emotional journey against your company KPIs to connect customer motivation and intent to conversions.

This section covers: foundations of user psychology and usability, emotion mapping

4. Target customer outcomes

What goal should a successful customer achieve? How frequently? We spec out the ideal customer outcomes for long term growth based on customer pain points and market opportunity.

This section covers: customer insights, natural usage behavior and optimization, retention

5. Rate limiting factors

Every company can improve acquisition, but few can point to the exact levers to pull. Meanwhile, unfocused efforts are low impact efforts. We’ll work together to zoom in on the precise rate-limiting factor that’s holding back your acquisition funnel.

This section covers: drop-off analysis, conversion optimization

6. Backlog brainstorm

We lean on metrics, psychology and rate limiting factors to generate a fresh, prioritized backlog of growth experiments.

This section covers: brainstorming, prioritization, growth process, team allocation

What outcomes can I expect?

Quick Wins is designed to help startup teams narrow in on precise subset of initiatives that will enable you to reach your next phase of growth.

We’ve worked with dozens of companies to systematically generate and evaluate hundreds of backlog items. Across this work, we’ve found that the teams able to zoom in on the 10% of high impact, high likelihood wins are those most likely to scale their traction to exceed growth and fundraising goals.

The [Quick Wins] session met my expectations and more, and was definitely worth attending. The biggest takeaways for me is that growth is not complicated but it requires focus and requires you to understand your funnel, your customer, and your priorities.
– Alexander Eid, Founder, @Homie

The [Quick Wins] growth session was a super clear and practical introduction to thinking about fundamentals of a growth process and why users choose (and use) products. It’s not a checklist of channels, segmentations and marketing tactics. It’s about how to reveal and describe your target user’s decision-making context, how to think about the conversion journey from their perspective, and how to think about metrics.
– Charlie Taylor, Head of Growth @Curve

We created Quick Wins to deliver a condensed version of our longer workshop experience. You can expect to walk out with a deeper understanding of your market dynamics and growth opportunities, and an actionable plan for your highest impact growth initiatives.

Learn more about our full Core Strengths workshop

Am I ready for Quick Wins?

Quick Wins is for companies with solid early traction, an existing customer base and a team to execute the work.

Specifically, Quick Wins could be beneficial to you if:

  • You’ve shipped a solid product, have a steady flow of paying customers, and are booking revenue north of £10,000 per month.
  • Growing customer acquisition is currently one of your top 3 priorities.
  • You have at least 1 full time team member dedicated to growth.
How Do We Join a Workshop?

Space is limited to 8 companies per course. Apply for a slot now, and we will review your application to ensure you are at a stage where you can truly benefit from the program. Next, we will schedule a complimentary working so we can learn more about your business, and you can learn more about us. Assuming all goes well, we’ll slot you into a course at that time, based on your availability.

The next available dates for this half-day course are October 17th and October 24th.


(You will not be charged unless you are accepted and agree to attend)

Space is limited to 8 companies, and will fill up fast. Get notified about new course dates as soon as they open up!

Why are workshops limited to 8 companies?

In our experience, working with larger groups diminishes the impact. We need to be able to work closely with each team, and the teams benefit from getting to know each other.

Who from my Team Should Attend? How many people can I bring?

The program fee covers up to five attendees. All team members involved with growth should attend the program. We require participating teams to bring your CEO or other co-founder, head of growth, and team member in charge of analytics. We also recommend other senior marketers, designers, writers and front-end UX to join.

Why is our CEO Required to Attend?

We do require at-least one C-level participant from each course. In our experience, growth only works if the entire company is committed.

We will challenge you to make critical strategic business decisions. If your CEO is not 100% comfortable with these decisions, you may end up changing directions, and that lack of focus will diminish the impact of your work. And the ongoing impact from the program will fade if the process and mindset are not continually reinforced by your company’s leadership.

How Often Do You Run Workshops?

Monthly, typically on Wednesdays. You can see our upcoming program schedule here.

What types of business models does this work for?

We’ve had success with high-growth business models, including: B2B SAAS, consumer SAAS, ecommerce, marketplaces, ecommerce subscriptions, talent marketplaces and consumer mobile apps. Core Strengths can also work well for sales-driven businesses who need to generate and qualify a large number of leads quickly.

This program is not suited to scaling services businesses, manufacturing or deep tech businesses with long customer acquisition cycles. Also later stage companies (post Series B) are less likely to benefit from the workshop format, so we recommend a direct consulting engagement.

What’s the main difference between the half-day “Quick Wins” course and the two-month “Core Strengths” course?

The Core Strengths course curriculum applies a broader and deeper treatment to every topic covered in Quick Wins – user psychology, analytics, conversion. Core Strengths also provides additional coverage around process, analytics, hiring and leadership, experiment design & prioritisation.

The most important difference between our workshops is the 8 weeks of guided practice and repetition that teams receive with Core Strengths. Some exceptional athletes could learn to ski from a single lesson, but most would really benefit from repeated sessions with an expert coach.

In the Core Strengths course, we help you execute your top experiments, and we also coach you every step of the way as you scale growth for your company and lead your team.

As Morpheus said in the Matrix, “There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

If I start with the Quick Wins course, can I get a discount on the “Core Strengths” course?

Yes, if you take both courses within 6 months, the cost of the Quick Wins course will be deducted from the cost of the Core Strengths course. But the Quick Wins course is not a prerequisite for Core Strengths.

How much does the course cost?

The Quick Wins program costs £1,800 for up to five employees. Additional employees can join for £200 per seat.

If I’m unhappy with the course, can I get a refund?

Yes. If you’re not confident this program will pay for itself many times over, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

Where are the workshops held?

Exact location is TBD, in London Zone 1.

Can we attend remotely?

Most of the course revolves around hands-on work, directly on your business, so it’s important that you attend in-person. Unfortunately remote participation is not viable for the core team. If there is sufficient demand, we will look to run courses in other locations.

Who are the instructors?

Our full bios (and pretty pictures) are on the Team Page. But each of our coaches and mentors has worked for at-least 10 years in operational roles in high-growth businesses in Europe or the Silicon Valley. We have a variety of backgrounds including B2B, B2C, marketplaces, payments, SAAS, mobile, SEO, performance marketing, conversion optimisation and retention. While our tactical expertise differs, we all love teaching and coaching, and understand the big gains come not from tactics, but from process and mindset, our main focus.

How Are Sessions Run? What Will We Actually Do?

The course is based on a “learn by doing” approach where we literally work on your business together. After a brief introduction to outline our approach, we will take you through a series of exercises. We’ll begin with your metrics, and user psychology. Then we’ll help you identify your “rate limiting step” – the place where you can focus for max impact. Then our mentors help you brainstorm and map out a set of experiments designed to quickly accelerate your growth. Finally, we’ll explain an ongoing process to help you stay focused on your rate limiting step, and iterate quickly.

Can we keep the course materials?

Participants will retain access to all course materials, and own any work they do in the course.

What if we need help after the course concludes?

If you find our team and approach helpful, we’d recommend applying for our full Core Strengths course as a next step. If that’s not feasible or practical for some reason, we are available for bespoke consulting engagements as well. If you need something outside coaching, such as help with hiring or an agency, we’re happy to connect you to high-quality startup-friendly service providers.

What will my team think if I ask them to join this workshop?

To be honest, most startup founders don’t invest much in employee development. They have too many other “fires to fight.” By giving your employees the chance to participate in a hands-on program like this, you’re giving them gift that will help them throughout their careers.

For me the program was like a second Oxford Education
– Omid Pakseresht, Head of Growth, Tramonex

Since going through the program with Lexoo I’ve recommended it to so many people. In terms of learning it was definitely the most valuable month of my career to date.
– Curran Dye, Head of Growth, Lexoo

The next course is Wednesday 17 October, and is limited to 8 slots.

(You will not be charged unless you are accepted and agree to attend)

Space is limited to 8 companies, and will fill up fast. Get notified about new course dates as soon as they open up!